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Roomba Pac-Man

Based on the classic video game, Roomba Pac-Man was built in a quick three weeks by myself, Jack Elston, and Cory Dixon.

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Networked Robots LinkedIn Group

Our technical committee now has a group on LinkedIn:
All members of our community are welcome to join.

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Networked Robotics at IROS 2009

Although Networked Robots were formally represented in only two sessions at the recent IROS conference in St. Louis, a large body of work in the conference (more than 45 papers) related more or less strongly to our field. This is a non-comprehensive overview over larger thrusts, new directions and novel ideas presented at the conference.

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Monitoring Minnesota's Lakes

The common carp is an invasive species of fish which poses a significant threat across the Midwest. This species pollutes lakes by uprooting plants and releasing large quantities of harmful nutrients while bottom-feeding. It is important to track and control the species -- which is what Professor Peter Sorensen, a leading expert of fish behavior in the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota, is dedicated to doing. In an effort to study fish behavior, Dr.

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Networked aerial robots for atmospheric sensing

According to the National Weather Service, 438 fatalities, close to
3000 injuries, and $11.2 billion in damages were incurred due to severe
weather in the United States in 2003. These losses could be
dramatically reduced with effective advanced prediction and warning
systems. Tornadoes are especially violent members of the severe storm family and thus the study of tornado formation and evolution is a
public safety necessity. There was an immediate improvement in tornado
warning capabilities with the introduction of Doppler radar. However,

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Robots searching for enemy sensor network

How to enable a robot to efficiently detect an enemy sensor network? This project develops algorithms and systems that enable a robot equipped with a directional radio antenna to detect transient and anonymous radio sources. The problem is difficult because the robot cannot treat the radio sources as continuous radio beacons due to unknown number of radio sources, signal source anonymity, short transmission durations, and dynamic/intermittent transmission patterns.

  • If we know the sensors employ CSMA MAC layer, we can use the information.
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    Networked robotic camera for bird activity observation

    CONE (standards for collaborative observation of natural environments) team announce the CONE-Welder site for the networked robots community. We combine standard techniques of field biology with a new class of telerobotic "observatories" to intensively study relevant bird species at Welder Wildlife Foundation in South Texas. We construct a feeding station and capture and color-band birds for individual recognition. We will apply standard techniques such as color-marking, nest location, and specimen collection.

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    Robotic firefighting team debuts

    A team of fire-fighting robots has been unveiled by defence contractor QinetiQ at a demonstration in London.The display showcased a quartet of robots aimed at tackling the particular risk of fires involving cylinders of the industrial gas acetylene.
    Check out this article for a video and more on the firefighting robots.

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    Data mules

    Some sensor network applications (e.g. habitat monitoring) require collecting data from sensors sparsely deployed over a large area. In these scenarios, robots can act as data mules and gather the data from the sensors. We have been working on such systems for a few years now. Here are some highlights:

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    IEEE RAS Networked Robots Blog

    Welcome to IEEE RAS Networked Robots Blog! We hope that this will be a lively, dynamic forum for our members to share information. Given that we already have a mailing list, and a research portal, why a blog? Well, we think that this will be a good venue to share information in an informal manner. We plan to recruit super energetic bloggers who will post related news, announcements, as well as exciting results (please do post videos and pictures). If you attended an exciting talk, go ahead and write about it here!