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elderly care

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Robotic Wheelchair Takes Elderly Customers Shopping

[Kyoto, Japan] On March 30, 2011, researchers at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories demonstrated the latest developments in the Ubiquitous Network Robot project, this time featuring a robotic wheelchair in a shopping mall. The demonstration featured autonomous planning and safety using ubiquitous sensor networks, location-based services, and integration with remote teleoperators and mobile devices over the internet, giving elderly wheelchair users the independence to go shopping on their own.

System Overview

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IROS 2010 Workshop on Ubiquitous Networking Robotics

I recently attended the Ubiquitous Networking Robot workshop at IROS 2010 in Taipei. This was the 11th workshop in a series at IROS and ICRA conferences since its inception in 2004. Presenters included academic speakers from several organizations in Japan and the European Union, representatives from industry, including Toshiba and NEC, and an invited talk from Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, from Osaka University.

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Robovie II helps elderly customers in a supermarket

Researchers at the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication
Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan have recently developed a proof-of-concept
system showcasing the capabilities of ubiquitous networked robot
systems for social robotics applications targeted towards assisting the

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