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About this blog

Welcome to the networked robots blog.  We hope that this will be a lively, dynamic forum for our members to share information. Anyone can contribute by posting comments. If you'd like to contribute as an author, you must be a registered blogger. To register, you can either fill out this form, or contact one of the TC Co-Chairs (links in the left-hand side panel) by e-mail requesting authorship. If you don't want to be a blogger but would like to post something on this site, no problem. Just email/contact us, and we will post it on your behalf.

Information for Bloggers
Once you have logged in to the site, you can add content by clicking the Create content link in the right-hand side navigation menu. As a blogger, you can create different types of content:

  • Blog entry - If you have a posting that should reach all subscribers, please select the Scope as "announce". Private scope is useful when you either don't want to publicize your post, or, you want to write a post that it is not yet ready for an announcement. Feel free to add relevant Keywords, but please wait for the auto-complete feature to suggest existing keywords so that we do not duplicate.
  • Image - Useful for posting pictures, such as snapshots of experiments, or group photos from related conferences.
  • Video - Post Youtube videos, Google videos and other streaming video URLs.

Bloggers are encouraged to create a personal profile. You can enter information such as your contact e-mail address, real name and affiliation, research interests, websites etc. by clicking on the "My account" link in the right-hand side navigation menu and then "Edit". There are two sections: "Account settings" and "Personal information". You can also upload an optional avatar that gets attached to your blog posts and comments!

Please do honor the website guidelines:

  • Post only relevant announcements to the "announce" scope. These include recent research results, relevant news in the media, announcements our members would find interesting.
  • Help keep the site interesting, fun and clean.
  • Bring to the administrators' notice anything that you think is published in bad taste.